Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some more photos over the last few months. House been rendered, final finish matches existing house and was achieved using a gun with spat the render onto the wall. Nice finish. All outside jobs done now. Lots to do inside. Running tv coax cables, have a labgear distribution amp which is helping me distribute signals all over house. Its a nice piece of kit. Will be able to put a dvd/blueray on and watch it antwhere. Also should enable me to watch sky in any room from my main sky reciever. Wont be able to switch over channels tho. Am gonna also run 2 coax cables to 4 chosen locations from the satelite, this is to future proof so that if sky multi room is cheap in the future i will be able to have 4 locations with independant sky. Will need a octo LNB at the dish if want to connect in the future. Also having cctv linking into the labgear amp with 2 or three cams. Also gonna get a internet tv so i can stream movies of the web through things like To get all this done i need a lot of coax, reckon i will go through 200 metres. Got to start planning out the CAT6 im having again feeding to all rooms, also routes for speaker cables. Then the little task of all the elecs. Its gonna be a long job. May as well do it all well while i can.

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