Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slow Weekend

Set out the extension using string lines and white spray and dug a test hole about 900mm deep. Test hole went well no real nasty suprises a few old bricks in the first 300mm but nothing to difficult. Deeper than 300mm appears to be straight forward digging of sandy soil so may have to go deeper. Have found out that 30 years ago there was a greenhouse where the extension is going so i had better watch out for glass. Have found some different types od old pot and more interestingly what appears to be a part of the stem of an old clay smokers pipe. I wonder what other interseting thing the digging will unearth.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What the house looks like

I'd Better show you what the house looks like now!

First Job

Starting preparing the area for setting out. Cant rush too much cos waiting to sell other house to release the money to get this extension done. Hopefully that wont take too long fingers crossed. Can still do a few cheap jobs in the mean-time though. This photo shows the removal of the hedge which sits on the line of the proposed front elevation. Want to get a metal-detector as a coin was found in the garden a few years back dated 1807.

Getting Started

My first task of the extension is to get the Blog up and running and hopefully stick to it.