Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back after delay

Sold my other house and completion day is tuesday so fingers crossed everything goes right! This will then free up the money needed to go full pelt over the next few months. This is much the reason for the delay over previous months. Drip feeding money from my monthly wage has limits unfortunatley. Anyway onwards. Since I was last with you (Liz and JonMc) I have lowered the middle section further because when i measured how far down i had to go to allow for Polystyrene insulation ((150mm) only 125 needed but just stuck a bit more in)). So what i thought would be an hour job taking 8 inches or so out but it took more than a day. Was scared of gettin another skip so had to dispose of the soil in inventive ways down by the river. When i had levelled it off to the correct depth then i could lay the 150mm of polystyrene. The top of the layed polystyrene is level with the inner leaf of brick work which will support the concrete slab. Next the blue visqueen was layed into place and joined with tape (special foil tape and black double sided tar like tape). Next the anti crack mesh (A142) was layed into place using broken flag as a 40mm spacer to lift the mesh up slightly. The concrete is ordered and on its way and hopefully wall construction will begin this weekend. Have also ordered more 4inch solid block for outer leaf and lightweight block for the inner leaf. And need to order some insulation cavity slabs for the inside of the wall, it is 85mm and i think its called dritherm cavity slabs. Bye till next time.

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  1. Thanks for the metion! Will we get invites to the ribbon cutting? :) It's looking great btw! I love how you're managing to keep the lawn in such good condition near the build!