Sunday, May 9, 2010

Concrete in, ready to lay trench blocks

2 courses of trench block laid on top of concrete strip foundation, would have done three but Building Inspector wanted the cavity to go 225mm below ground level. So 5 courses of concrete brick on outer leaf and 3 on inner. Messed up with the order and didnt order enough concrete brick so had to use the more expensive engineering bricks to finish off. The last course on outside leaf was engineering brick because this is getting very close to where the ground level is and therefore maybe seen when completed. The outer leaf is two courses higher than inner, this is so the re-inforced concrete floor will be able to sit on the lower inner leaf. I have decided to run some Steel Wired Armoured Cable 10mm2 (electric) from Consumer box in main house then underneath the yet to be laid concrete floor then outside into garden then run about 700mm underground to end of garden to provide power to a planned outbuilding in the future, this should save a lot of heart-ache in the future. Also think i am going to run washing machine waste pipe in concrete so this will be hidden too. I have to get my head on materials i will need for the coming months as decisions have to be made regarding, window and door styles, drain routes etc.

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